Friday, July 23, 2010

Who's Child is This?...

So, there are two things about Megan, so far, that we can't quite figure out where they come from.

First of all, my hair is STRAIGHT! No wave, no curl, no body, no volume no anything. Brad, well, when he had hair, it was STRAIGHT! Laci's hair is also straight! Megan, far from curly, but we may have a little wave. We've only noticed it recently when it has gotten wet. There are certain parts that seem to "curl" more than others, but when it gets dry it is pretty straight. But, it's fun to play with when it is wet!!!! Here are a couple of pictures! For those of you that know me know that I have always wanted long, curly hair so this is so fun to think she may have some "wave."

Second, I can not sing!!! Brad can not sing!!! We try really hard and usually end up laughing hysterically at one another!!!! Laci, loves to sing but that will probably not be her strong suit! Megan, on the other hand, can carry a tune! And, she loves it! She is always singing and making up songs! I love hearing her just sing and many times she sounds (to me) to be on key and sounds pretty good. Here are a couple of singing videos! Remember, we are not a real musical family, so we are taking what we can get here!

To be honest, my sister's hair has some wave in it so that is where that came from. And, my mom can sing, so maybe Megan will take after her! We'll see!

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