Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Here are a few random pictures from the last few days.

We had a spot next to our deck that would not grow grass. (probably because that is where we kept throwing stuff off of the deck) So, Brad and I decided to do a little landscaping and this is what we ended up with. Within a year or two the plants along the back should grow to be just under the deck rails.

While we have been working on our backyard "projects" Megan has been spending time in her little pool. It usually ends up full of mud.

Laci put her first "keep out" sign on her door. It's going to take more than this to keep Megan out!
Impromptu photo shoot: The girls had new bathing suits come in the mail so of course they had to try them on and do a quick photo shoot!


Lindsey Kindy said...

Thanks for adding my button!

The girls are such dolls! I cant wait to meet Baby B! Maybe we can pass down some boy stuff!

kate royer said...

Great work on the garden!