Monday, June 28, 2010

Megan's Turn...

My little sassy Megan had a great week with a rough start. The fever virus struck the first day followed by a sinus infection. But, she was a trooper. She just slept more than usual. By the end of the week she was back to her old self again, taking no naps and running us all over the place!

We drove home leaving Friday night at 10pm and drove through the night. Megan fell asleep about 1030 and woke up the next morning about an hour away from home! Here she is just before she woke up. I think she would have slept the whole way if we hadn't been laughing so loud at her gatorade mustache from the night before!

She was quite the fish this year. Sarah had her in the pool about 5 minutes and she was jumping off the side and swimming a couple of feet to Sarah. I was so proud but knew what was coming the rest of the week. She jumped in several times forgetting there was no one to catch her! Luckily, we were close!
Enjoying Marble Slab

Sweet little Megan!
Tomorrow I will include some pics of the rest of the family!

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