Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beach All Week!

We spent last week in Destin and it was amazing! We had 6 beautiful days and only of those days did we see "tar balls." The week started out somewhat stressful. We were waiting on a call from the doctor regarding some tests Wes had before we left. We finally got those results and they think everything is going to be fine. Also, Megan got sick while we were there (never fails). She started with the fever virus and added a sinus infection to complete the package. She was such a trooper and when her fever was down she was ready to go. And, with lots of help from a family friend (who happens to be a doctor) and NO thanks to my local pediatric clinic, we were able to get Meg an antibiotic and she was doing much better. By Friday, she didn't even go inside at all! Overall we had a great time and look forward to that each year. But, we always realize it's just too short! During the upcoming week I will share pics each day from our trip to Destin. Including, videos and tar balls!!! Here are a few of our first day on the beach!
Yes, this is at the the ocean! It was crystal clear and beautiful! The girls loved it and were not scared a bit! It's amazing how much they change in a year!

Megan before the fever struck! When we went in to shower for dinner we realized she was "warm." Warm turned to hot and Motrin became our best friend. Because then Meg's fever gets too high, she pukes! So, I tried my best to keep her fever under control at all times!
Here are Laci and Megan before we left! They were sooooo excited. It's like it all clicked this year and they knew what vacation meant and where we were going. I bet it will only get more exciting each year!

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Bonnie said...

Your girls are seriously a pair of the cutest little girls I've ever seen! I'm sure your 3rd one will be just as beautiful!