Sunday, May 30, 2010

Who doesn't love a project!?

Projects tend to be never ending at the Bohannan house. Last month our project was a large french drain. This month started out as 6 railroad ties to level our trampoline and has ended up into a backyard overhaul. Here is a little update in pictures of our half finished project:

As you walk around the side of our house this is what you see now. There used to be 4 big trees, now it is dirt.

Brad, with a little help made this ledge on the side of the pond. Prior to this is was mush, grown-up weeds and snacks and trash. He also built the fishing ledge across the way.
A little blurry, but Laci used the mini John Deere to help carry sod down the hill!
Megan, well she would pop up all over the place. She would be on her swingset, on the trampoline, in the house, and here she ended up on top of Brad's truck.
Here is one half of the project (this side is completed). This is a picture looking from our deck. Now, we have so to the pond and a ledge to fish off of or just sit on and watch the geese.
The second half of the project is not completed yet for 2 reasons. 1) We need more sod. 2) You can't be a do it yourselfer without running into a few "problems." Well, after the hard rain last night, Brad discovered our problem.....Remember last month's project? Well, when they were driving the tractor trying to smooth out the dirt.....
they squished the french drain! Needless to say, Brad is spending the day trying to fix it! He was being so careful trying not to mess it up. It happens.

Hopefully by the end of the week everything will be completed! Our backyard will double in size and we'll have an electric fence for Charlie!

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