Sunday, June 27, 2010

All About Laci...

This year Laci was quite the brave swimmer, while holding her nose, of course! She had a ball and it was fun to watch her play and get excited!
Marble Slab was huge hit!
They was a man playing music at AJ's and Laci took him a dollar and asked him to play Big Green Tractor and he did. She danced and sang along with him!

Getting the hang of Boogie Boarding

Brad and her also had a Laci/Daddy day. They played putt-putt and then hit the water park. Laci rode every slide there and they had an awesome time! She is still telling stories from that day. I wasn't brave enough to hand my camera off to Brad to document the day! :)
Stay tuned, tomorrow, Megan's day!

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