Saturday, June 5, 2010


We went to the pool last night for the first time and it didn't take long for the girls to get back to swimming.

Megan is fearless!!! She took one step in the water, turned around asked me for her swim rings and was ready to go. She put her rings on and jumped right off of the side of the pool. I explained to her she couldn't jump off the side of the pool except between the black lines and she said, ok, and took off to the black lines! From that point on she was jumping off the side going under and trying to get as far away from me as she could (I was watching from the side b/c I didn't have my bathing suit on). At one point she was heading towards the deep end and I told her to come back to the shallow end and she said I'm going to jump off the diving board. I told her she couldn't jump off of the diving board with swim rings and she had to be able to swim and she looked up at me and said, "I need swimming lessons." She keeps me on my toes!
Laci was a little more timid and it took her a bit to remember she could swim and jump off of the diving board. But, it wasn't long before she was back to her old self going all over the pool.

My two blue-eyed girls....I am excited to see how that is going to change. It could be 3 blue-eyed girls, 2 blue-eyed girls and 1 blue-eyed boy, or a girl with different color eyes or a boy with different color will be fun to see!

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Trumbo Family said...

I love swim time...wears them out! Trenton yells "leave me alone!" if I try to interfere with his jumping off the side by himself. Him and Meg need to hang out, they would be good swimming buddies!