Monday, September 29, 2008

What a Weekend!!!

Well, this weekend was great! First of all, I do not like to post that Brad is out of town and he was gone last week on an Elk Hunt in Colorado. It was awful with him gone and not knowing when or if I could talk to him!!! He travels some and it is usually okay. This time it was tougher. Probably because it was more like 10 days (or was supposed to be) He wasn't supposed to be back until today, but he had had enough! He came home Friday night and we were so excited!!!!!! Therefore, we had a fun Saturday! We went out to Papaw and Mamaw Grant's farm and played! Another exciting thing about this weekend was that Wes came home from college. It was great to see him and the girls were glad he was home also! He was at the farm as well!!
Saturday night was not as fun. Both girls are snotty and coughing so we had a rough sleepless night. We (and the girls) slept in on Sunday! I'm sure the kids in their Sunday School class appreciated that. They would have coughed and snotted on everyone!! especially Meg! Then, on Sunday afternoon, the Young Adults at church went and watched Fireproof. It was GREAT!! high budget film??? INCREDIBLE message??? ABSOLUTELY! I highly recommend it to all couples! It was such a breath of fresh air in today's society! To be able to sit in the theater and hear them say God and it not proceeded with "oh my"! To watch an entire movie without a cuss word or sex scene! And one more thing! My sis watched an interview with Kirk Cameron and he said in the scene where he was supposed to kiss his on screen wife, they brought in his actual wife!!! He said that kissing someone in a movie is no different than in real life! What a stance!

Anyway, here are some great pictures from the farm!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is one of the new kittens they got. They were just the girls' size and they loved them!!!!! this one is looking into the chicken cage and in the back right you can see the peacock!! The cage behind them is the goat pen, but the goats didn't want their picture made!!!! :)
Megan and Laci both got to sit in Poppy's lap and drive the tractor around the field!!! It will not be long before Laci can drive it by herself!!!!!
Megan with one of the new kittens!!!
Laci with the other kitten! Laci carried one of the kittens around all day. They would scratch and bite me but would let her carry them around and play!
We love Uncle Wes!!!!!!

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Linda said...

To Brad and his 3 beautiful girls: I found your blog through Amanda Reed's and just couldn't resist touching base with you. You all just look wonderful and to read your blogs about how God has blessed your precious family greatly warms my heart. Brad spent a lot of time at our house as a "little boy" and over the ears has always been one of our favorites! I will never forget you all walking across the parking lot at Fellowship and without knowing it was you all and just seeing Lacy saying to Doug--I think I just saw the most beautiful little girl in the whole wide world! Now with Megan you now have 2 beautiful girls!
Brad--if you haven't checked out Rachel's blog (through Amanda and Jim Ed's) you need to look at their little boy McCoy--you will recognize the hair through San Jose days with Kirk Miller, that's for sure.
Just wanted to send our love and say hi. We are so glad to read about your precious family!
Our love, Doug and Linda Miller