Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Wonder Place

Tuesday, Laci and Megan had a "playdate" with their friends Evie and Drew. We went to The Wonder Place. They had a blast, especially Laci! She could play all day there. But, with 3 babies under 2 we had to consider naptime! Either way it was fun and here are some pictures!

Laci at the veterinarian section! She had on her vet coat and was taking care of the animals!
Megan in her chef's hat eating the product!

Megan and Drew climbing up to the top of the tree!
Megan playing dress-up! moooooo!
Evie and Megan at the water feature. This is where the babies liked to hang out. We decided they were thirsty when they started drinking the water out of the toys!

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