Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Business????...What??

Well, it's true!! I am turning a hobby into a business! I have been making tutus for over a year now. Brad said I either had to sell them or quit buying the stuff to make them! So, here goes!

The name of my business is A Princess Can Play, Too. The basis for my business and my idea has been growing rapidly in the last four years!!! When Laci was about 2-3 months old we were planning our first trip to a Benton Panther game to watch my brother play! I spent an entire Friday looking for a CUTE outfit for her to wear to the game! All I could find were the generic screen printed shirts and the smallest I could find around town was a 2T. 4 years and another daughter later, I am still having the same problem! I realized very quickly that finding something CUTE AND SPORTY for a girl under 6 was tough! So, I started to make my own! It has been a hit and I enjoy seeing what I can come up with. I do custom tutus, shirts, bows etc.! The possibilities are endless!

My first show will be at Old Fashion Day in Benton! It's October 11th, 8-5:30 downtown at the courthouse! Come by and check it out! Here are some of the things I have done to give you an idea of what I am doing! Remember, these are custom and can be done with whatever you want them to say or any color you would like!


USA!! This outfit was made for a little girl who was born about 3 weeks ago. She was born and her daddy is in Iraq! He will be coming home this month to meet his daughter for the first time!

HOLIDAYS...NO PROBLEM! I am working on some Christmas ones right now!!!

AWARENESS!! October is Beast Cancer Awareness Month. Little Rock Race for the cure is Ocotber 11th. I have already had an order for several of these shirts! A percentage of all proceeds from the sale of these shirts/outfits will be donated to breast cancer research!

Hobbies!! This one is so appropriate as today begins bow season!!!!!

That is a small selection of what I have been working on! I am coming up with new ideas daily and getting ideas from others! I hope to have a website up and running so I can post every item as it gets completed! If you have questions, ideas, want to make an order, or simply encourage... you can respond to this post or email me at Thanks so much!


Jennifer said...

I love them!! I wish I had a girl to put them in!! You need to make a store on Etsy and sell them on there too!!

Jeremiah and Lindsey Kindy said...

these are too cute... im excited about your new business!

lilcobbers said...

These are very cute! What a great idea! I'll keep it in mind for baby gifts. Lindsey

Jaime said...

Hey girl will you email me your prices. Brad is a basketball official and I think it would be cute to do a shirt for Lillie to wear to his games we go on!

Anonymous said...

Amber your stuff is so cute! Congrats on your new business and will keep you in mind for gifts :)