Thursday, September 4, 2008

Get outta here, Gustav! and Laci's First Day of Preschool

Well, this week has not gone at all like I had expected. First of all, Happy Birthday, Brad!!! He turned 31 on Tuesday!!!!! Second, Hurricane Gustav has been parked over Central Arkansas the past 2 days and given us enough rain for the rest of the year! I cannot believe the amount of wind and rain this storm brought and with the absence of thunder, lightening and tornadoes (thank goodness) it was so strange! I am just so thankful I do not live on the coast! However, it did make for an interesting couple of days. We, as were many others, were without electricity for about 18 hours! Talk about stir crazy! I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to clean! Well, I couldn't vaccuum, my dustbuster ran out of battery, couldn't iron, couldn't wash cloths. So, I swept, dusted, and washed windows. Then, I was so hot and couldn't get cool, that Meg and I sat on the front porch watching it rain and letting our feet get wet! Anyway, we made it work and were just so thankful it wasn't any worse as some people had trees fall on their house! One funny sight was Megan's nap! It was too hot upstairs so I let her sleep in my bed. She likes to sleep with her blanket but that makes her sweat. And, with no air conditioner I knew we would have to find a solution! So, here is what I did!

I hooked the "ballpark" fan/mister on the side of the laundry basket so she would have some kind of air blowing on her! It worked...she took a 2 hour nap!

Laci's First Day of Preschool

Another big even on Wednesday was the first day of Preschool. We had no power so I couldn't get ready and the rain and wind were awful so I let Brad take her! God knew that is what I needed because I didn't want to cry at church! Brad and Laci were in the truck and I was standing in the garage when they were about to leave. I couldn't see Laci because the rain was so hard and Brad's windows are tinted. I waved goodbye, blew a kiss, and Brad held up one finger to tell me to hold on a second. I knew it....she was crying and upset and didn't want to go! My heart broke! Then, Brad rolled down the window and I saw the biggest smile! "see ya, mom!" She was officially a big girl! I did have a few tears after they left, but quickly became thankful that she was so excited about going! One mention about not wanting to go or one tear and I would have let her stay home with me!!!! Brad said she walked right in her class and didn't look back! She loved it and cannot wait to go back! She loves her teacher, Mrs. Laura and said she made a new friend. I snapped a few pics right when she got home!!

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Hey Girl! I found you over on jaime's blog. So good to see your family is doing well!