Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random Stuff

Lots of different things have been going on that have been keeping us busy so here are a few pics from the past few days!
First, Laci had an all day photo shoot on Monday. She was sad that she had to miss preschool, but when we told her the photo shoot was at the zoo, she was pumped! We were there from 9am until 4! She got her pictures made on the train which she and the other girls loved! We are usually scrounging around for money to ride the train and she got to ride it twice for free! They also brought them 4 baggies full of food to feed the fish and other animals while they took their pictures! It was a dream day for Laci! Here is a picture of Laci getting her hair/make-up done for the second round of pictures! This is for fall store posters. Some of the other pictures are already up in stores and these should be coming out not too long from now!

Laci and Megan have been playing well together lately! They are very lovey dovey. Especially Megan. She asks for Laci when she is gone to school and tells me to go "get er!!" These are a couple of pictures from yesterday when Laci got home from preschool! Megan walked up to the couch and hugged Laci and laid her head on her!!!!!
Loving daddy!!! Here are a few pictures of the girls loving their daddy! The first one is daddy's new hunting backpack! Laci wanted to show us she was strong enough to carry it!!!


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