Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Santa Rosa Beach

We are past Sandestin at a place called Santa Rosa Beach. It is beautiful! Tropical Storm Eduardo has got the ocean acting up and the Rip Tides have been so bad that we have had a couple of days with Double Red Flags, which means do not get in the ocean. They have had several drownings! We do fine laying out and building sandcastles. Today looks like we may be able to swim, though! Our condo is beyond beautiful and the weather is great! Laci is swimming like crazy. She is the queen of the dogpaddle!!! She can go under and swim but has to hold her nose. She is just like her momma!!!! Who needs swim lessons when there is peer pressure? Here are a few pictures from the first couple of days!

Laci, me, Uncle Wes and Aunt Sarah
Megan just chilling on the beach!!! She put in a good 4 hours yesterday!!!!

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