Friday, August 29, 2008

Look kids....a deer!!!

Living in central Arkansas, there is a fine line between "not redneck" and redneck! The Bohannan family has officially crossed the line! This morning standing between our house and the 12th Fairway was a deer! Not just any deer! But, a styrofoam deer target to practice shooting a bow! We couldn't figure out why Megan was tearing our blinds down trying to look outside! I raised the blinds and she yelled, "DEER." It didn't take her long to realize it was the practice deer. You will see in the video that she knew daddy put it out there and that he broke it when he shot it!!!

Megan looks a little dissheveled because she had just woken up! She is her new big bed and she is loving rooting around in it. She gets a good "wasp nest" going on in the back most every morning!

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Jim Ed, Amanda and Addison said...

Ha! I love the way Meg has a sweet little drawl! Southern Baby, not Redneck!!!