Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My little Megan

The other day Laci spent some quality time with Papaw Bo, so I got to have some one on one time with Megan. We had a blast and I followed her around and laughed my head off!!!

She was trying on my rainboots!!! She realized very quickly that those were not going to work!

Trying a little too hard for that smile!!!

While Brad was out of town, Laci and Megan found an new playroom in my shower! Here are a couple of videos of Megan playing in my bathroom!

One final Megan story.

She does great on our stairs! She has no problems and goes up and down several times a day. However, the other night after the lights were out (it was 11:00 pm, actually), she made her way to the stairs. I was folding cloths in my bedroom and Laci was asleep (Brad was out of town). I saw her walk out of my bedroom and didn't think much about it until I heard the bumps of something coming down the stairs! As I took off running towards the stairs, I was hoping not to hear her cry and that maybe it was a toy! But, when I reached the bottom of my stairs my worst fear was confirmed. She was laying there and the only reason she wasn't crying was because she couldn't catch her breath long enough to let it out! When I picked her up, however, she let it out!! I held her tight for a second then pulled her back to see what all was hurt. I can't put it into words how perfectly the light from the moon coming in the window was shining off of the GIANT goose egg on her forehead!!!!!!! I flipped on the lights and did a more in-depth inspection. She had 2 of those goose eggs on her head and her wrist was hurting because she wouldn't take it out of her mouth! I quickly got a icepack and tried to put it on her head. I got her blanket and binky (comfort items) and did some checks to see if her wrist was broken. It was not! She could hold her sippy cup, wave and grasp my finger. Now, to the head. Both knots were sticking WAY out, so I knew she did not have concussions! I remember that fact from all the bumps my brother got on his head. I put her in the bed with me and she closed her eyes. Once again I panicked! I kept thinking I was supposed to keep her awake, but after all that crying she was really tired. I caved in and called and woke up my mom. She said her and Wes would be over in a second!!! (Thank you, God, we are not in Alabama) As we were waiting for them, Megan got her 2nd wind. She started acting like a clown! When Mom and Wes got there she was standing in the doorway yelling at them! Mom did some further checks on the rest of her body and we determined she was fine! Well, that and the fact that it was now midnight (way past bedtime), she had fallen down the stairs, and was now in the garage trying to ride her bike while wearing her rainboots.

My little Megan Lynn, she keeps me on my toes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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L&L Woodard said...

Oh my goodness! The video of Megan 'panking' herself is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Luke and I are laughing soooo hard! You have the cutest kids!