Monday, August 25, 2008

Fun at the Farm

One of our favorite things to do is go to the farm. Papaw and Mamaw Grant have a place out towards Hot Springs and we love to go play out there. It is the perfect relax spot. The girls love it. They have 4-wheelers, a tractor, 2 cats, 2 goats, lots of guineas, chickens, a turkey, 2 dogs, the river, paddle boat, canoes, rabbits and land for days!!!!!! And, most importantly, it is one of the prime family hunting spots (our version of a "Hunting Club") No lie, as we were driving up, there were 2 deer eating in their driveway!
That is where we spent our Sunday afternoon. Luke and Laura Woodard went out there with us! Luke, Brad and Papaw were setting up hunting spots, while Mamaw, Laura, the girls and myself played!! We had so much fun. Thankfully, Laura had a fully charged camera and took some good pictures!!

The girls on one of the swings. This is under a giant oak tree! This is just after Laci peed in the creek! That's my girl!!!!!
Jax! This used to be Sarah's dog and now he is very happy being Mamaw's dog!
Megan was so tired by the end of the day! She loved the animals. She even went inside the fence with the chickens.

This is an awesome picture! This is the barn that was already on the property. Papaw and Mamaw have fixed it up and it is amazing out there!
Thanks Papaw and Mamaw! We had fun! Hope we can do it again soon! Love you

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