Sunday, August 24, 2008

Like her big sister!!!

After watching Megan try to put on Laci's pettiskirt, I knew I had to get her one. So, with a major boost from Nonny (thanks, Non) we got Megan a pettiskirt. And, yes they wear them to church!!!!!!!!!!!

Her hair can fit into a ponytail right now! But, I think we are getting it cut this week!!!
Laci has been carrying around this look alike of our old dog. She has started saying she misses Abbytails! So, we are hoping this feels the void!

She could barely fit into her carseat!!!
Last Sunday was promotion Sunday. Megan was a hesitant and cried a little! This Sunday, however, she walked right in and started doing circles in her skirt! (in other words showing off) She left the skirt on the whole time but the bow came out rather quickly, which is fine. I wouldn't like those feathers in my eyes either!!!!!

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