Friday, August 1, 2008

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity

Tonight we went back the The Track and this time I remembered my camera! And, it semi-worked! Megan rode the swings again. I will post some pics of her riding but the video is too fast and would make you dizzy watching it. Then, Laci got back on the go cart!! She was awesome. She could literally walk under the sign of how tall you had to be to drive them. Thank goodness for the volume in her hair because that is what touched the sign and allowed her to be tall enough. She got in her car, barely reaching the gas, and took off. She drove like a champ. Watch out Danica! Passing on the inside, bump drafting, etc. We were so proud. I must say, however, the most proud was when Brad yelled, "that a girl Lace! put her in the wall!" way to go dad! Anyway, here are the pics and a video!! We are heading out for Destin tomorrow. So, I'll post again when I can!

Megan would rock back and forth and say faster, faster!!! She saw the Merry-go-round and said HORSE, RIDE IT! It wasn't working tonight or she could have done that!

This video took forever to download. There is another, but I would still be sitting here tomorrow if I tried to download it!

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