Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Day of 2nd Grade

Laci wanted to go to school her last day for a little bit so we got up early that morning and met some of our food friends for donuts!!
Laci and Kade - They are great friends and were in the same class this year.  Kade is very protective over Laci and they act very much like brother and sister.  

Brynn loves playing with the Turbyfill's!!!!   She gets a lot of attention when we hang out with them!

 She was sitting in Kinley's lap, probably trying to steal her donut!

 This is Daniel.  Brynn has just recently warmed up to him and she really likes him.   We call him Turbs!
I didn't get any pictures of Brad, Kristie or myself!!  But, it was a great way to start out this kid's last day!!!!
Um, I now have a 3rd grader....that does not seem possible!!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sister In Christ

Yesterday was one of those days that I hope I never forget every detail.   Laci accepted Christ into her heart over Christmas Break.  We had been talking about it and she was asking a lot of questions for several months.  I wanted to make sure she was doing because God was working in her heart and not to please us or her Poppy or teachers or anything!!!!  She went down front several weeks ago and yesterday she was baptised!!!!  It was pretty special to watch my Dad baptize my Daughter!!!

Her Grandad and MeMe Kathy came down to be apart!

Brad read her testimony.  He did a great job.  I was up by the Baptistry but he sounded great.  He said he took and deep breath, started reading and didn't stop.  If he didn't stop...he wouldn't have time to think about it.  Therefore, he wouldn't cry!!!!!!

 We had a room reserved at Western Sizzlin after church (it was the easiest with all of us trying to find a place to eat on a Sunday afternoon).
Laci had a cake in the shape of a cross.  It was so good!

 Papaw, Mimi Pam and Angie also came to be apart!
 I captured these from behind the Baptistry.  Dad was walking her through what they would do out there!

  Special Video

 And, this is one of those pictures I will cherish forever!!!!!!  After she was baptized we went in the room where you change and it was just me and Laci.  She was so cold so I just got to hug her for a minute!!!!!  I got to pause in a hectic day and just let her know how proud I was of her and how much I loved her.  She got ready and before we left I said quick prayer with her (which is not like me), just she and I, asking God that we never forget that moment or that day!!!!  And, just before we headed back out to a crazy world and a hectic day I snapped quick pic and I'm so thankful!!!  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I love apps!!!!

Well, I have some new apps on my phone I have been playing with and I love them!!!!

Here is a collage of Mother's Day last year and this year.  
2 thing are for certain:
all 4 of us look older!!!!!!
and, I was more concerned about being tan last year!!!!!!!!!!!

Megan from the first day of preschool and then again at her, yes she has grown!

Pinterest project....Bird Feeder Wreaths
 I saw this on Pinterest the other day and thought it would be fun to let the girls do.  It was so easy and great and.....I didn't have to buy bird feeders!!!!
 They want to make these for their teachers as well!!  Which, I think is also a good idea!

Last night we had a Spring Fling at our church!  It was AMAZING!!!!  We used the football field by the church and there were inflatables, obstacle courses, popcorn, facepainting, rock climbing wall, cotton candy, snow cones, hot dogs, sand boxes, coloring station, name it!!!  It was for the whole community and it was awesome!!!!!  And, it was all free!!!!!!!  
The staff worked so hard and it definitely paid off!!!!!!

Brynn loved the sand boxes and also loved the mini blow-up they had for the little ones!

Laci scaling the climbing wall....

The girls had a blast!  They were sweaty, stinky, red-faced, and covered in sand by the time we got home.  But, after showers they quickly went to sleep!! They were worn out!

Monday, May 14, 2012


Saturday at the farm!!  
We went out to Mamaw Grant's on Saturday and the whole fam was there (minus Brayden - we missed him).  We had a great time and got to play with the animals!!

 BBB wanted to share her sippy cup with the animals

 Nonny thought she was getting a little too close to the goats!  They like to play rough!

 Mamaw has a peacock!  And, I have never seen it with his feathers open until Saturday!!

 I don't get many pics of the big girls anymore.  They are too busy playing, riding and running around!
 How many boys does it take to fix a tractor??  Mamaw said her tractor was broke so the boys got to work!

Happy Mother's Day! 

 She would not stand still!!!

 Laci ran by and a snapped a quick pic.  I think Megan had already shucked her Sunday clothes at this point!

Happy Mother's Day to our mom!!!!!

And, this is how I found my kids when I got in the car.  Meg in BBB's seat and BBB in Meg's seat!  ugh

A couple of phone pics!  

BBB after a fudge popcicle

Thankful to be a mom to these precious girls!!!