Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Days!!!

We have had a great couple of snow days. Here is our 2 days in pictures!!!

After hearing ice was on it's way I rushed to the store to pick up the essentials....
and, yes I got milk!!! You can't have all this without milk!

I am embarrassed to say that this may be the first time both my kids have gotten to play in snow and enjoy it!!! (and I don't think this qualifies as a big snow). So, they went out in their pjs and coats to check it out! Megan made a bird feeder at MDO and she put it on the deck for the birds.
Laci fell on her booty and Meg thought it was soooo funny that her booty had snow on it!!

Megan sucking on an icicle!

They thought it was hilarious to throw snowballs on one of our back doors!!!

Of course Brad had to get in on the snowball fights which is why I stayed inside!

We spent Friday at my house by the fire with Sarah and Nonny!

A "snowman"????!!?!?!!?!?
Megan warming up her booty by the fire!!!!

Downtime, playing on the iPhones!
We got a few pictures of the girls sledding. The fairway of the hole behind our house was a big hit for sledding so I had to go watch although I was freezing!
Here is Megan sleeding down on Brad's back!!! It was sooo cute!
We did head to Target today because we were starting to get cabin fever and did okay, not too slick. Brad has already been on the computer looking to book a vacation to go snow skiing! He has had the fever and seeing how much the girls loved the snow he is ready to go. I guess we'll have see what the year holds! :)

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