Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pep Stepper Clinic

Yesterday after school Laci got the go the Pep Stepper clinic and then perform at halftime of both basketball games! Since we go to most Panther home basketball games she was so excited to get to stand in the stands with the dance team and then go on the court and perform with them!!

She was so excited she got to be the leader walking onto the court!
She had the smile down!! It never left her face!

And, yes, she slept in sponge rollers the night before to have the perfect "cheerleader" ponytail!!
Daddy has been in Louisiana and was not supposed to be back until last last night. But, he hopped an earlier flight and made it back in time to watch Laci dance. When Laci walked in the gym, there he was!!! It was pretty special!
Unfortunately, we may have overdone it because she is home sick today. Poor baby!


Angie said...

So sweet!!! How fun!! I love her curls

Beck said...

I LOVE your blog! Your girls are so beautiful and they seem so happy in every picture. You must be a great mom. Just wanted to stop in a leave a comment to say hi (:

Rebekah said...

Bless her heart. I hope she gets to feeling better. SHe really is the cutest thing!