Monday, January 4, 2010

What we do on our days off...

Oh, how we have enjoyed our time off. I wasn't ready to get back in the grove of things today! I enjoyed having Laci home and just lounging around by the fire in our pj's. Here are some pictures from our "lazy days."

First of all, the perfect brownie!!! Sarah and Ben got me "The Perfect Brownie" set for Christmas and it is amazing!!!! It worked perfectly and was so easy!!! Here are a couple of pics!
2 brownies gone...this was obviously before I got ahold of them!!!!!
The girls spent about 2 hours the other day playing dress-up in my closet.
We spent a lot of time playing in the playroom Here is Laci working on her Toe Touch. They would take turns and use the cash register to "calculate the scores."

Putting on a show!
Laci with her hair in sponge rollers!

We had a great Christmas break! Laci is back at school and Charlie is trying desperately to get away from Megan. I think he misses Laci the most!!!

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A. Hilborn said...

i have always wanted that perfect brownie maker! but Aaron hates it and said he will never eat a brownie made that way! thanks for showing me pictures of yours so I at least know it really works!