Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gymnastics Meet #2

Sunday Laci had her 2nd gymnastics meet. It is in Pine Bluff and she did great! We were so proud! She remembered her routines and did pretty well on each event. It was funny b/c she did not place too high in the individual events, but since she was consistent in all four of her scores she placed 3rd overall!!! She was excited and so were we!!!!

Laci and her medals!!!

I was so excited when they announced her 3rd overall!! I took a picture of the number because I couldn't her and the number in the pic!!!

What a fun day!!!


sleepyhead designs studio said...

Yeah Laci! She looks so big!

CLI said...

your blog is very beautifull !
the girls are very pretties :D

a kiss!
BY a spanish