Thursday, January 29, 2009

Game Table for Sale

Our gameroom has become a playroom! Seriously, we bought a game table and really do not use it like we thought we would. It is very nice. It has smooth table top that flips over to become a poker/card table with black felt (?) and cupholders, etc. If you take the table top off, it is a bumper pool table. We have bumper pool balls (that have never been used). It comes with 4 chairs that are on wheels, they lean back, swivel, etc. The only thing wrong with it is that 2 of the chairs have scuffs on the armrests. They can be sanded and restained very easy.

It is $400.00 for the set. Brad said he would even deliver it in the Benton/Bryant area.
Pictures and/or dimensions available upon request. If you are interested, please email me at

Monday, January 19, 2009

Random Collection of Pictures

My sister mentioned that I had not put my "niece" on here! That is because I don't have a niece...a dog does not qualify, especially one that could kill me!!! So, here is a picture of Sarah and Ben's dog!!!!!! When there is a niece or nephew on the way....I'll let everyone know!

This is Avery!

Someone from church took some great pictures of Laci at the Pumpkin Patch and sent them to me! I just now saved them and thought I would share a couple of them!

Kathy (Brad's mom) found this pictures of Laci and me from the beach and I just love it! I love the beach so much and vacation pictures remind me of that feeling when we are there! People tell me all of the time Laci looks like me. I think I can almost see that in this picture. Most the time, I can't see it at all!

Megan playing outside!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Little Meg!!!

Megan has been a little under the weather! We did not got to church Sunday or Wednesday. And, we did not go to gymnastics! Which is a huge deal. Megan loves her class and keeps asking when it's her turn for "nastics." Anyway, we have been home trying to entertain ourselves. So, the other day when Megan got up from her nap we did a little video time!!!! She is rarely in the mood for the camera so I took advantage. You can tell in the videos that she does not feel well! Her eyes are glazed and her voice is raspy, not to mention the snot pouring out of her nose! Gotta love winter!!!!!!!!!!!

Please notice her hair when she turns to this side!!!! Party in the back!!!!

This video is one of my favorites. She is singing a couple of the songs she knows. The first you can tell is Jesus Loves Me. The second is one of my old favorites, He's Still Working On Me. She gets the first and last lines and gets the middle ones confused! Like a true performer, she fakes it and keeps going!!!! Finally, the last song is one Laci learned in preschool and sang all of the time. The words are Spooks and Goblins, Halloween is coming, I scare you...BOO! When Meg says it, it comes out poots and goblins!

In this last video, she told me she didn't want t smile...she wanted to read a magazine! At one point, she says, "oh, man!"

Megan has a mind of her own, a personality of her own and I love that about her!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A New Home for Harley


Harley has a new home!! A sweet lady and her daughter in our church have been wanting a Yorkie for awhile and now they have one! I am so excited and relieved to know where Harley is going!!!! She is going to a great home!!!!!

Thanks for all the concerned emails!

And, Laci is okay with this. She says she had rather have another brother or sister someday....we'll see if that happens!!!! :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Yorkie For Sale

Okay, so the puppy idea is not working out. I didn't how hard it would be to have a 2 year old and a puppy. (I think I knew just didn't want to admit it) Plus, if we want to have another baby someday, it would not be possible with a puppy! I should have realized that before we got her, in fact, I think Brad tried to tell me, but my stubbornness kicked in.
With all of this said, we have a precious puppy for sale.

Her name is Harley. She is full blood Yorkshire Terrier. We have all of the papers from the breeder. She is around 15 weeks old. She has all of her shots. (she only has one more round to do this year) I am taking her to the groomer for the first time Tuesday. Her parents are AKC registered and I have the papers to register her. I have food, treats, a pink/black crate, leash, collar, nail clippers, brush, comb, shampoo, hair conditioner spray, puppy bed, a ton of toys, shirts and hair bows. She pees on puppy pads and I have a bag of those. She has learned to sit with treats. She is a great puppy. She stays in our bathroom with a babygate at the door 95% of the time. She is content in there all day long. (don't worry we play with her. But, she is not a bother. at night, she sleeps with us. That is where we were having trouble. Megan has been sick and when she wakes up, it wakes the puppy up!

If anyone is interested or knows someone who is please let me know or call Brad, 501-358-8523.
Anyway, we paid $500 for her and we are going to sell her for $500. All of the other stuff is just a bonus.
P.S. She would make a great Valentine's gift :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Huge Step!

Laci loves gymnastics!! She is flipping all over the house all of the time! Since I taught gym/cheer quite a bit I now how difficult some of the stuff can be especially for a 4 year old. But, I also know what a big deal it is when certain skills are mastered! Also, the older they get the fear factor grows! It's so much easier for a little one to learn these skills in my opinion because they are usually fearless! With all of this said, Laci has taken what I feel is a huge step in gymnastics! She did her backbend on the cheese and she did her kickover on the ground!!!!!! I am so proud of her!!!! She worked so hard and did it probably 20 times last night!!!!! She says she is now ready to do a backhandspring. We work on it a lot and I told her that would be a good 2009 goal!

Here is the video of her latest accomplishment!!!...

Thursday, January 8, 2009


First of all, I love my camera!!! I went outside yesterday before church and took all of these pictures in auto mode!! I can't wait until I take a class and really see what this thing can do!
Anyway, here are some updates on the girls!
First of all...Megan. Yesterday, I took her to the doctor for her 2 year check-up (a month late). She was excellent! She was in the 46th percentile in height and 20th percentile in weight. The nurse said she had lost a few ounces since her last appointment, but wasn't concerned because this is the age they expect a plateau due to an increase in activity. I told her Meg ate like an animal and the nurse said she may just be little! Megan can talk like crazy. She is saying full on sentences and can remember names better than I can. We have had no more major climbing accidents, not because she stopped climbing, but she has learned the best way to get down. She wants to do everything that Laci does and loves to follow her around and play. Megan has mastered being the baby while Laci is the mom when they play house. I hear Meg calling Laci mom when they are playing!
Megan repeats everything and some of her latest sayings are, "whatever," if she wants to talk and someone else is talking she will say, "hush, Lace" or "hush mom." And, lately if she is hollaring for me she will say mom 2 or 3 times and then she will yell, "Amber."
Finally, potty training! Still, no progress. She could care less. She will tell me she needs to go, but hasn't figured out how to let it go on the potty!! Or she just knows that it's easier to do in the diaper. The doctor said it will click! But, I wanted to be diaper free by now!!!!!!!!!! Patience.......... Here are some pics of Megan

Taking Off...
Jumping off of the curb...
Throwing Leaves... eyes...

Here are a couple pics of the girls!

Laci update...Laci has started back to preschool and she loves it! She is doing great! She is writing like crazy and loves to find letters and numbers around town! We took her to show her where she is going to go to kindergarten and she loved the huge playground! All I noticed was that the fence around the playground needed some work :)! She has become such a good helper and big sister. Laci did not want to play soccer so we did not make her. Now, softball season is coming up and she is not wanting to play that either. She says she just wants to do gymnastics and be a cheerleader! She loves going to watch the high school games and see the dancers and cheerleaders! She knows many of them by name and is quick to yell at them on the court! She wants to do a backhandspring like crazy! That is a goal for this year! we'll see! She missed her last Dillards photo shoot due to the stomach virus, so who knows if they will call again.
Here are some pictures of Laci....
Close-up...more blue eyes....
Riding her scooter....

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Camera

I have started taking some pictures with my new camera and I am learning as I go. There are so many features and things that I hope I can figure out. But, if there are pictures that look a little fuzzy or the color looks funny....I was experimenting!!!!

This is the Sunday after Christmas (a.k.a. Our 6th Wedding Anniversary)
Must have been a brown day!?

Here is my brother and my mom during his short Christmas break!
Last Saturday was a Kid's Workshop Day at Home Depot. It was a treat for the girls and for me. Brad took both of them and they had a blast! Here are the girls in their aprons! Megan insisted on getting one with her name on it just like Laci's.
They each made football helmet bookends!

This past Sunday I got the girls dressed alike from head to toe!! It was so fun!!! But, once again, Laci turned it on for the camera and Megan did not!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Closing out 2008

Guess who got a new camera???? that would be me!!!!! I got a wonderful new camera for Christmas and I am so excited! Unfortunately, I got it ar our last Christmas get together! So, I do not have a lot of pictures!!!! I do have a few that I would like to share!! There will be great pictures to soon as I learn how to use all the features!!
We had a wonderful, busy, Christmas!!! We got to see family, eat, play, and have a lot of fun!

Here is Laci opening up one of the pieces to her new Salon...

This is Megan opening up her new kitchen...

This is one of my favorite pictures. My mom goes overboard at Christmas. The entire living room at her house was covered with presents! I guess Megan was feeling a little overwhelmed. So, she would take each present to the corner and open it with her back facing us. Then, she would walk it into the hallway and stack it with all of her other opened presents!

Finally, we got a Wii for Christmas! Brad is a guitar hero nut!!!! Laci and I, well, we like High School Musical Sing It!!! She knows several of the songs pretty good, but they are the songs you have to unlock by singing really well! Needless to say, we do not unlock many songs. But, we are working on it. Here is a little video of her trying to sing Get cha Head in the Game. She knows the words but the song is a little too fast for her to sing with the game. At least she can dance!!!!