Friday, January 16, 2009

Little Meg!!!

Megan has been a little under the weather! We did not got to church Sunday or Wednesday. And, we did not go to gymnastics! Which is a huge deal. Megan loves her class and keeps asking when it's her turn for "nastics." Anyway, we have been home trying to entertain ourselves. So, the other day when Megan got up from her nap we did a little video time!!!! She is rarely in the mood for the camera so I took advantage. You can tell in the videos that she does not feel well! Her eyes are glazed and her voice is raspy, not to mention the snot pouring out of her nose! Gotta love winter!!!!!!!!!!!

Please notice her hair when she turns to this side!!!! Party in the back!!!!

This video is one of my favorites. She is singing a couple of the songs she knows. The first you can tell is Jesus Loves Me. The second is one of my old favorites, He's Still Working On Me. She gets the first and last lines and gets the middle ones confused! Like a true performer, she fakes it and keeps going!!!! Finally, the last song is one Laci learned in preschool and sang all of the time. The words are Spooks and Goblins, Halloween is coming, I scare you...BOO! When Meg says it, it comes out poots and goblins!

In this last video, she told me she didn't want t smile...she wanted to read a magazine! At one point, she says, "oh, man!"

Megan has a mind of her own, a personality of her own and I love that about her!


Sydney, Tom, & Stella said...

She is too precious! I have to admit little girls are so much fun!
Love ya, Syd

L&L Woodard said...

I am so glad that you are posting more videos! I LOVE them! Those girls of yours are soooo precious! Now...I need to work on keeping my blog updated. I will get better when I have a little one to write about! :-)

Tadd and Elizabeth said...

Too cute, she is precious! I keep saying I don't want Sophie to get bigger but it is too cute when they talk to you and sing! E

Jeremiah and Lindsey Kindy said...

Amber, she is a doll! Can you teach me how to achieve the "party in the back" hair style? I love the poots!