Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A New Home for Harley


Harley has a new home!! A sweet lady and her daughter in our church have been wanting a Yorkie for awhile and now they have one! I am so excited and relieved to know where Harley is going!!!! She is going to a great home!!!!!

Thanks for all the concerned emails!

And, Laci is okay with this. She says she had rather have another brother or sister someday....we'll see if that happens!!!! :)

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Leah said...

I know, i can't believe I actually WANT to be back in Benton. It's so hard now that I have Perri, being so far. Plus this month for Craig is awful at work so its just better for all of us for me to go home for a bit. They're doing all their year-end accounting and he's working his butt off, which ends is me being with Perri alone pretty much 24/7. And, I just miss my family. We've talked about coming back there but not sure where Craig would work. Especially the way financial institutions are these days.. eek, and there aren't any good oil/gas/energy companies there as are here. So, we'll see. I would so love to move back though. Aside from family, that's where friends are too!! I do like it here but its hard having no one to really help and we dont really have that many friends down here.