Monday, January 19, 2009

Random Collection of Pictures

My sister mentioned that I had not put my "niece" on here! That is because I don't have a niece...a dog does not qualify, especially one that could kill me!!! So, here is a picture of Sarah and Ben's dog!!!!!! When there is a niece or nephew on the way....I'll let everyone know!

This is Avery!

Someone from church took some great pictures of Laci at the Pumpkin Patch and sent them to me! I just now saved them and thought I would share a couple of them!

Kathy (Brad's mom) found this pictures of Laci and me from the beach and I just love it! I love the beach so much and vacation pictures remind me of that feeling when we are there! People tell me all of the time Laci looks like me. I think I can almost see that in this picture. Most the time, I can't see it at all!

Megan playing outside!

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