Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Twas the Night Before Kindergarten

Last night just before we were getting ready for bed, Christa brought over a book for Laci. It is called "Twas the Night Before Kindergarten." Laci was so excited because Megan was already asleep and we could sit and read together! And, that is just what we did. We cuddled up in a chair together and with only the lamp on we read the book....3 times. I almost cried the first time, but just stopped so I could pull it together! Here are a few pics!

Right before we read the book Laci got up in the bed with Megan, put her blanket on her and kissed her on the cheek. I heard Laci say (and, yes, Meg was asleep), "I'll be home after school and then we can play." I love these girls!

Brad was out of town for the big event so the girls got to sleep with me! So, after we read the book we curled up together and watched Hannah Montanna: The Movie! I could tell Laci was anxious and fidgety so we watched that together and then she fell asleep about 10:30. (I knew she would be up late b/c she was nervoux/excited)
This morning went great. It is 30 minutes from now when I get to pick her up! I do have pics and stories but I will share later! One quick story....I told Meg is was about time to pick up Laci and she said, "when she gets in the car I'm gonna hit her." I said why and Megan said, "because she leaved me here." I thought it was precious that she wanted to stay with Laci!


Christa,Brandan and Drew said...

I'm glad that she liked the book! I can't wait to hear what she had to say about her first day. I bet she is exhausted.

Trumbo Family said...

I've been thinking about little Lace all day! I can't wait to see the sending off pics and hear all about it!