Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Petting Zoo

We have had an exciting last few days. I guess we are trying to cram all the fun in since life is changing Wednesday with Laci starting school! Thursday, Nonny took us to Wild River Country. It was awesome! Laci will ride EVERY ride there (except the toilet bowl ride) and we have to keep Megan off the rides that she is not big enough to ride. It was such a fun day. That night we had Open House at school! God protected me from an anxiety attack in the parking lot! I feel the prayers and I thank you! It went great! Friday we went to Mamaw Caples to play with Hunter. He is Laci's cousin who is 2 weeks younger. He is also starting school Wednesday and so we took our waterslide down there and played with him! And, if that wasn't enough, we spent Friday afternoon, night and all day Saturday at Bubba, Patti, Olivia, and Luke's cabin on Petit Jean. It was very fun! Here are a few pics from the Petting Zoo just down the road from their cabin! (it doesn't really qualify as a cabin; more like resort)

Nonny and the Goat

This is the baby goat!
It was so tiny and so cute! For a split second it makes you want it for a pet. Then, the momma goat started eating my camera bag!

The girls riding a horse!

Luke, me and the baby goat!!!!
(no, I did not take make-up to the cabin or take a shower)

Story: There was also a deer!!! It's mom was shot in the woods and someone brought the deer to the petting zoo! Megan loved it! Again, you think, that would so much fun to have in my backyard!

The precious baby goat!!!! (would that be called a Kid?)

Laci loved that kitten!!! Too bad I'd rather have the goat AND the deer before I would have a cat!! I don't know why I am not a fan of cats!

Megan could not understand why the baby deer would not eat her food. She even poured it on the ground to see if the deer would eat it. And, then, we figured out why!!!
It was bottle fed!!!!


Thank you Vance family for a wonderful time at the cabin!!!!!! and, the wonderful food!!!
I must add that Megan took right to Bubba and just loved him! They had a book on the coffee table talking about birds and it had lots of pictures of different types of birds. Everytime Bubba sat down Megan would run get the book and jump up into his lap for him look at birds with her. Even during breakfast (on the deck) she went inside got the book and brought it back out to him! It was so cute!

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Christa,Brandan and Drew said...

Drew loves this post! I had to convince her in each picture that "yes, those really are deer and goats!" She especially likes the pics with the bottle and the deer. Looks like it was lots of fun. I've seen pictures of the "cabin", I would love to see it in person.