Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Big Day!

UPDATE: So, Brad and I said we were not going to keep score at Laci's softball games. This year it should be about them learning the game. But.....we totally won last night!! I was so proud of the girls!!! There was some confusion at first, but they pulled it together in the end, even though they were getting cold!!! Laci did great! She got to bat twice and hit the ball both times. (which is quite an accomplishment because it is coach pitch and they cannot use a tee at all, and I think they should get to for their last attempt, but that's another story). Anyway, she had lots of family and friends there and it was very exciting!! It was the first game ever for all but one of the girls on the team so it was a great start! Being the coach, I was the only mom not taking pictures, so next time I will hand my camera to mom or Sarah and get some action shots!!!!! Goooooo Lightning!

To say that softball was a big part of my life would be a huge understatement! I can clearly remember my first softball team in Sardis, my first practice, uniforms and everything until the State Championship my senior year. Maybe that is why I got a little emotional yesterday as I got Laci ready for the Opening Ceremony for her first very first softball season! I know she will remember this!
Her team is called Lightning and I (with Brad sometimes) am the coach! It is fun and I've enjoyed getting to know all of the girls. We have our first game tonight, if it doesn't rain us out. We do not plan on keeping score but I will keep you updated on how they do!!!!

Number 12, like her daddy

She said she had to stretch!!!


Mizell Family said...

is it bad that I just busted out into tears?? She is getting too big too quick.. I want her to always be "auntnies girl!!"

Shari said...

#12, what a great jersey number!! Many GREAT athletes wear #12!! (haha) That is Justin's number with the Benton Panthers.
Enjoy every minute!! Times flies and before you know it you'll be going to Laci's senior year of Lady Panther Softball!!

She looks alot cuter in her #12 jersey than Justin does!!

Olivia said...

Why am I crying over freaking softball pictures???
She is WAYY too big.
Liva was number 12.

I am officially a MESS after this post.
Love ya