Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Green and Sunshine

Once the fog lifted yesterday it was beautiful!!! Mom came over and we played and played! It was so much fun!! I can just sit in my chair and the girls just play all over the driveway!!! It is so relaxing! Then, we went to the swingset where they played a bit. We threw rocks in the pond. At one point there were over 15 turtles on the bank across the pond. So, we took off running at them to get them to side back into the pond. (easily amused) It was a great day! And, today is more of the same. We let Laci stay home from preschool to enjoy the day with us! Here are some pictures from yesterday!

The pants Megan has on were capris on Laci at this age!

A big thank-you to Mamaw Grant for the 4 leaf clover green ponytail holders!!! They were a hit! Laci even took hers Monday to preschool for green day show-n-tell!

This is a shirt that Poppy got the girls while he was in Honduras!

Picnic outside!!! We went to Target right and got a personal pan pizza (our fav)!

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Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

I am loving this weather too. Yesterday, we went to the park to walk...I can't wait until Lilly can play at the park! I hope this weather hangs around..not more snow PLEASE!