Sunday, March 29, 2009

Daddy and Laci Day

Saturday was a day for Brad and Laci to have a day they spend together doing fun things! Laci had a blast and Brad was worn out!!! Laci was soooo excited from the time she got up! She even asked Brad what to wear! Here are some pictures from the day.
It started with a morning newspaper read!!!! Laci looks at all the pictures and then sits the paper next to her!

Here they are ready to go!!! Laci is getting so tall, but next to Brad she still looks short!

Their first stop was at the Museum of Discovery. They had so much fun and Laci really liked it. She even made a craft which she wants to give to Mamaw Grant (she loves butterflies and Laci made a butterfly).
This was the earthquake table. You had to build something and then you turned on the table to see if it could withstand and earthquake.
They built race cars and turned on the fan to race them!

This is Laci sticking her hand in a cloud tornado.
They ate lunch at Party Time Pizza where they played putt-putt, lots of games and ate pizza.
Then, they went bowling!

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Mizell Family said...

My favorite of all these pics is the first one of them reading the newspapers.. it looks like Brad is on the pot, in typical Brad fashion!! My second fav would have to be of them standing up, Laci still has her sunglasses I got her, impressive!!