Thursday, April 2, 2009


So, I have neglected Megan in my last few posts, so I thought I would use this post just for her! People use many words to describe Meg. Most of them are funny, comedian, toot, terd, hillarious...the list goes on! She is super smart, but has a mind of her own. In fact, I just knew potty training would be so easy with her! I was wrong. Her mind of her own took over her super smartness. She tells me where to potty and tells Laci where to potty. I will sit her on the potty. I will let her stand naked outside to peepee in the grass (that worked for Laci), but she will look at me and say, "no, put my diaper on, peepee in diaper." She will tell me her diaper is wet and then take it off! But, I know it will click at some point and I am not too worried about it!

Here are a couple of great videos of Megan. She is throwing a fit in both of them!!! Why? you ask. She fell asleep on the couch and I let her sleep about 30 minutes. But, if she had slept much longer than that, she would have not gone to sleep that night. So, I woke her up. And, this is what happened for the next 30 minutes. Some people say ignore fits. Me? I grab my camera!

In this fit she just keeps kicking and crying. Then, she throws a shoe!

I love this video because she looks at me to say nnnnnooooooo and realizes that the camera is on and quickly hides her face!

Remind me not to wake her up again!!!
I'll end this on a good note. Monday when Laci went back to preschool, Meg got to take a bath in my tub with the jets on. She loved it! I put way too much soap in there so when I turned the jets on, the bubbles went crazy. Megan had so much fun. I had to turn the jets off when the bubbles started taking over her head!!!!!

Megan is precious and I love her dearly!

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laciandlukelarsen said...

I love it!!! She is so precious. I am just really glad to know my children aren't the only ones.