Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Morning

Here are some pictures from this morning! Don't worry, Laci wore a coat!!!

Laci loves getting her pictures made, Megan hates it! So...I bribed her!!!!!
This was yet another of Laci's outfits! I still can't believe Megan is that big!!!!

Laci's always good for a pose!

Daddy's Girls...
Mommy's Girls....
Now, let's talk about this week and why I look so...tired! Our house had the stomach bug over for the week!!! I was the last one to have it and I am still fighting the nausea and weak feeling! If you have not had it...consider yourself lucky. It is the worst 24 hours! (or 72 hours if you have 2 little girls that get it first!) I am just so thankful we live close to family and that Brad was spared the virus! He was a trooper and took good care of all of us! However, I do recall on of my 1:00 a.m. puke sessions where I heard him come down the stair as I laid in the floor of our half bath. "hun, do you need a cold rag?" he asked. "Yes....please," I responded. I heard him wetting the rag from the kitchen and the next sound was him throwing the rag from the kitchen to the bathroom! He did not want to get too close! And, honestly, I don't blame him!!!


Tadd and Elizabeth said...

Cute Sunday pics! Glad yall are feeling better. E

Dean, Mila, Parker,& Presley said...

Amber it was great hearing from you!! I have added you to our blog so I can keep up..when I have time to read them that it. Your girls are beautiful!! Have a Merry Christmas!