Monday, December 1, 2008

A New Addition to the Bohannan Family...

Laci and Megan had Christmas a little early this year. We got them a puppy! We now have a 12 week old Yorkie named Harley. It's a girl! I'm sure some of you remember Abby! She was our first Yorkie that we had to give away because we were moving som much! Well, we are giving it another try! Here are a few pictures of Harley. Already, it has been so fun watching the girls interact with her!

Laci loves taking care of her. She will sit in the bathroom (our bathroom is her new home) and play with her and make sure has water. She feeds her when it is time. And, right now, Laci is holding her on her chest and laying down watching t.v. Harley is asleep on top of her! It's precious.

Megan now has someone she can boss around. Harley grabbed one of Megan's crocs and I heard Meg say..."no ma'm, Harley." We had one meltdown when Harley took one of Megan's binkies!

And, Brad...Although, it took some convincing, Brad finally came around and I think Harley likes him best already! We'll see where that relationship goes!

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