Monday, July 21, 2008

My First Blog?

Well, I have officially created a blog! I love keeping up with other people through their blogs, so I thought it would be fun to try to keep up with one for our families and friends! A quick update on our family and then I am going to try to figure out how all of this works! Brad and I have been married for about 6 years. We have two awesome girls! Laci Kyle is 4 years old. She loves gymnastics and does not like dance! She loves to be in the water and and going to church! She caught her first fish (completely by herself) yesterday in the pond behind our house! Laci is Miss Independent and already calls herself a Princess! (sorry Auntie Sarah, your reign has ceased). Then, there is Megan Lynn. Megan is almost 20 months old. She is a spitfire! She looks a lot like Laci, however, acts very differently. She is my wild child. She can climb on anything. We were able to put the baby gate away several months ago because she had no problem managing the stairs. She has climbed into our bathroom sinks and into the kitchen sink. She is hilarious and can already take on her sister! Megan also likes to eat. Brad says pound for pound she can out eat anybody!

Brad is in Medical Sales and I stay at home with my girls and I LOVE IT! We live back in my hometown, Benton (never thought I'd say that).

That is a quick update and now I am going to try to figure out how to add pictures and do the stuff you do on here!...I figured out how to do pictures. Here are a few recent ones!

Here is the most recent picture of the girls. We went to the lake and they both had their first experience on the boat. They loved it. Megan couldn't get used to the life jacket though! I'll post more about this later!!

This is Laci a few weeks ago playing on the back deck. She had the waterhose out and was trying to keep all of us cool!

Megan ready for Mommy and Me gymnastics! She loves to go, but all she likes to do it jump on the tumble tramp. I get more of a workout than she does, I think!

Laci on our deck! She models for Dillards and has been since November. She has learned to turn it on for the camera!

Below, is Megan and Mommy trying to keep from getting squirted by Laci!

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Jim Ed & Amanda said...

Way to go, Amber! I'm so proud of you!