Monday, July 28, 2008

Good Morning Ocean!!

It's always a good morning at the beach!! This morning was no exception. Here are a few pics of the girls eating breakfast and it gives a good look at the condo! It is so cute!!!!!! The colors are awesome and Megan loves the giraffe in the corner!!!

Also, this is a funny picture I wanted to share. We are here this week with Brad's mom and step-dad. Also here are Brad's 2 step-sisters and their families. This includes their 6 daughters. All together there are 8 little girls and they range in age from Megan (19 months)-Grayce(almost 10) We lined them up the best would could for a picture!!! It was awesome!!! The names and (rough) ages are under the picture!!!

Megan-19 months, Heidi-2, Lucy-3, Laci-4, Kate-6, Haley-6, Hanna-9, Grayce-9. I am not exactly sure of the older girls ages but that is close. And, yes Laci and Kate are almost the same size. Laci is tall and Kate is small!! They are all too cute!!!!

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