Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Aunts and Uncles

The girls are so blessed to have aunts and uncles that love them tons. They've loved having Wes home for the summer and are so pumped that Sarah and Ben have moved into the neighborhood. (I kind of like that, too) We went to the lake with some dear friends and had so much fun. Here are a few pics of how much fun the girls had with Uncle Wes, Uncle Ben and Auntie Sarah!!!

Auntie and Laci were getting ready to show how Laci can ride the tube!! Laci did such a good job. She was not scared at all and rode the tube several times. She must have gotten that fearlessness from her daddy. It was definitely not from me!!!

Here they are on the tube! It was a good thing Auntie Sarah was there, because I would not have gotten in that thing, especially with daddy driving!!!

Uncle Wes held Megan so she could watch Auntie and Laci ride the tube! I think Meg could've rode the boat all day! She loved it!

And, then she got in the water!!!!!! Auntie put Megan in the water and she absolutely loved it!!! She liked floating around and riding the waves made by other boats!

This was her favorite way to lay. She just kicked back and relaxed! Look at those pointed toes! That's my girl!!!Auntie, Uncle Wes and Megan. It was getting dark and the boys (and Laci) were about to head out on the lake!! They just couldn't wait until the next day!!! Megan was already in her jonnies (pajamas)!

Uncle cute is he?????

Laci and her uncles....Uncle Wes and Uncle Ben (Benny)

Benny and Auntie

Laci relaxing on the boat with Uncle Wes! Laci rode the boat everytime, whether it was boys turn or girls turn. She rarely took her lifejacket off because she didn't want to miss an opportunity to ride!!!!

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