Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bad Mom???

Megan fell last night...which we have become accustomed to due to her climbing obsession! However, she fell last night and hit our fireplace hearth (I guess that is what you call it)! Anyway, it is made out of brick and it's called squished morter. The morter squishes through the brick and it is not very forgiving to people that fall into it. Meg slipped on something and hit her mouth. I think she bit her tongue, but the main injury was her fat lip! Despite the massive bleeding and crying it wasn't an emergency. Just a ugly fat lip! Her is a picture of her "new" smile today!

I also took a video this morning because it was so cute. She doesn't even realize her lip is fat. When I ask her about her booboo she points to a VERY small scrape on her leg!!!!!


Jim Ed & Amanda said...

Ha! Love the hacking cough at the end! What a sweetie!

The Summers said...


The girls are getting so big. I can hardly believe it. They are absolutely precious!