Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Princess and a Bug

Been a busy couple of weeks around here, and a stormy couple of days!! But, we have made it through the storms and certainly ready for some sunshine!

Last Saturday night Megan went with some of her friends (and us moms, as well) to Disney Princess on Ice. We went to eat first and we were quite the spectacle. I think the waiters were in the back drawing straws to see who got the task of waiting on our table. We had 4 little Princesses and one sweet little Prince!!! He was so cute! The girls were all talking about the Princesses and all he wanted to see was the dragon!!!! Thankfully, there was a dragon and it even blew fire!
Megan was supposed to be Tinkerbell, but the her Tink outfit was too tight!! So, she went with Cinderella and matched Evie!!
Megan and Mom

Also, Laci had her first grade musical, "Bugz." She played the part of the Flipping Beetle. She got to do a cartwheel after she said her lines and that was her favorite part.
Beetles are mostly black, so I had to add some sparkle!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brynn Bradley - 5 months

How can it be 5 months since this sweet baby was born?

Here she is fresh out of the bath with her hair combed over! Hillarious!
She is just as precious and sweet as ever. Smiling all the time and just going with the flow. We love her dearly. She loves her sisters and they love her!
No major milestones as of yet. Not really interested in sitting up and could care less about rice cereal and a spoon. No teeth, yet (but my babies were always late in that area) She loves to play in the floor and roll all over the place. In fact, when you are holding her for a long time she will get very wiggly and arch her back like she wants down. And, sure enough, put in the floor on the blanket and she stretches and smiles.
She blabbers all the time and belly laughs, so cute. She has just started a little squeal when she wants to get everyones attention. She is very nosey and will nearly turn her head backwards if something catches her eye.
Her favorite game: when she is laying somewhere and you give her a silky or blanket, she will put it over her face and snort like she can't breath (or maybe she can't). But, as soon as you pull the blanket off, she smiles and laughs. Then, walk away, and she does it again!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dixie Darlins....

Softball has started in the Bohannan and we are having a good time. Laci is on a team called Dixie Darlins and I am having a blast being a mom and not a mom/coach!! The team has started off great and they are really getting the hang of the game!!!

They won their first tournament this past weekend and here is Laci getting her medal.

I am trying to soak up this year because next year we will have 2 playing!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dad Daughter Date Night

Last night was the annual Father Daughter Banquet at church, but the name has been changed to Dad Daughter Date Night, and had a few changes made to the actual event. Brad said it was an awesome night and the changes were definitely for the better! Laci loves this night and Megan cannot wait to go (you have to be in kindergarten). Here are a few pictures before they left.

of course, Meg had to get in on the action!

And I couldn't be left out!! Holy cow, we may look a little alike! Do you think so?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some Random Funny Pics

I said it before, but we did have a great time on our trip.
Here are some of the pics of our random funny times!

Walking around Destin Commons there was a loud bark that echoed through the shops. When the girls finally found the source all they could do was stare. They asked the owner if they could pet the dog and I think we made a new best friend!! He said absolutely and then proceeded to walk us down the shopping stores for the perfect picture spot to make it look like they were sitting with the dog. He was so incredibly nice and the dog was pretty awesome! The girls loved the dog and I think we could have left them there to play with the dog while we shopped (but, we didn't).
When we arrived in Pensacola and the girls saw the beach and the pool (it had waterfalls, a bridge, zero-entry area and a lazy river), Megan could not get "swim ready" fast enough!
This was something we laughed about for a while (probably b/c we were so tired), but we were all in bed and trying to go to sleep. All 3 girls were asleep, or so we thought. I took one last glance at Brynn to make sure she was ok and this is what I saw...
Another great moment was when I looked in the back of the car to tell Meg to be quiet and this is what I saw....
She was playing the guitar on Brad's iPad and singing. We had officially run out of things to do in the car!!! After I took a quick pic, I told her to be quiet and to buckle her seatbelt!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

...the end of our trip.

The last 2 stops on our trip were Auburn, AL and Atlanta, GA. We stayed on campus at Auburn University. It was a beautiful campus and when we arrived we walked around and played frisbie on the grass.
It was a beautiful day and Brynn Bradley layed in the grass and had a blast!
The girls loved being out of the car and running like crazy. I think the students studying on the lawn didn't appreciate it! I wanted to go tell the students to quit studying and enjoy the weather!
One of the neatest things we saw was Toomer's Corner. Toomer's Corner is a place on campus where there are 2 giant trees that has great tradition. After each Auburn win, the students "roll" the trees. As we were standing there a sweet lady said she rolled the tress, her kids rolled the trees and he grandkids will be rolling the trees in the years coming up. After the Auburn/Alabama game last year, a disgruntled Bama fan put poison on the trees in an attempt to kill them. (he was located and arrested) Brad had told me the story a day earlier and it just so happened while we were there they were attempting to save one of the trees. The other tree had already been saved. They had the trees blocked off and yellow tape around them. I guess Brad was right when he said it was a big deal!

Megan got her ears pierced while we were walking around the mall one day!
The final 2 and a half days were spent in Atlanta visiting Wes. I didn't take many pictures believe it or not but here are a few from his games on Friday night!
Saturday was rainy and cold, so we shopped a little and headed back to Benton!

It was a wonderful trip! I had 100's of pictures that I didn't post and I'm sure I'll sprinkle them in here and there.
All in all I'd say our first as a family of 5 was a success.