Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some Random Funny Pics

I said it before, but we did have a great time on our trip.
Here are some of the pics of our random funny times!

Walking around Destin Commons there was a loud bark that echoed through the shops. When the girls finally found the source all they could do was stare. They asked the owner if they could pet the dog and I think we made a new best friend!! He said absolutely and then proceeded to walk us down the shopping stores for the perfect picture spot to make it look like they were sitting with the dog. He was so incredibly nice and the dog was pretty awesome! The girls loved the dog and I think we could have left them there to play with the dog while we shopped (but, we didn't).
When we arrived in Pensacola and the girls saw the beach and the pool (it had waterfalls, a bridge, zero-entry area and a lazy river), Megan could not get "swim ready" fast enough!
This was something we laughed about for a while (probably b/c we were so tired), but we were all in bed and trying to go to sleep. All 3 girls were asleep, or so we thought. I took one last glance at Brynn to make sure she was ok and this is what I saw...
Another great moment was when I looked in the back of the car to tell Meg to be quiet and this is what I saw....
She was playing the guitar on Brad's iPad and singing. We had officially run out of things to do in the car!!! After I took a quick pic, I told her to be quiet and to buckle her seatbelt!!!!

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LKindy Designs said...

Does Brynn have a shirt on! Thats hilarious! And I like Meg's swim suit! She is a doll, If she ever comes up missing, we probably have kidnapped her!