Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brynn Bradley - 5 months

How can it be 5 months since this sweet baby was born?

Here she is fresh out of the bath with her hair combed over! Hillarious!
She is just as precious and sweet as ever. Smiling all the time and just going with the flow. We love her dearly. She loves her sisters and they love her!
No major milestones as of yet. Not really interested in sitting up and could care less about rice cereal and a spoon. No teeth, yet (but my babies were always late in that area) She loves to play in the floor and roll all over the place. In fact, when you are holding her for a long time she will get very wiggly and arch her back like she wants down. And, sure enough, put in the floor on the blanket and she stretches and smiles.
She blabbers all the time and belly laughs, so cute. She has just started a little squeal when she wants to get everyones attention. She is very nosey and will nearly turn her head backwards if something catches her eye.
Her favorite game: when she is laying somewhere and you give her a silky or blanket, she will put it over her face and snort like she can't breath (or maybe she can't). But, as soon as you pull the blanket off, she smiles and laughs. Then, walk away, and she does it again!

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harris1013 said...

She is beautiful!!!!