Monday, April 4, 2011

...the end of our trip.

The last 2 stops on our trip were Auburn, AL and Atlanta, GA. We stayed on campus at Auburn University. It was a beautiful campus and when we arrived we walked around and played frisbie on the grass.
It was a beautiful day and Brynn Bradley layed in the grass and had a blast!
The girls loved being out of the car and running like crazy. I think the students studying on the lawn didn't appreciate it! I wanted to go tell the students to quit studying and enjoy the weather!
One of the neatest things we saw was Toomer's Corner. Toomer's Corner is a place on campus where there are 2 giant trees that has great tradition. After each Auburn win, the students "roll" the trees. As we were standing there a sweet lady said she rolled the tress, her kids rolled the trees and he grandkids will be rolling the trees in the years coming up. After the Auburn/Alabama game last year, a disgruntled Bama fan put poison on the trees in an attempt to kill them. (he was located and arrested) Brad had told me the story a day earlier and it just so happened while we were there they were attempting to save one of the trees. The other tree had already been saved. They had the trees blocked off and yellow tape around them. I guess Brad was right when he said it was a big deal!

Megan got her ears pierced while we were walking around the mall one day!
The final 2 and a half days were spent in Atlanta visiting Wes. I didn't take many pictures believe it or not but here are a few from his games on Friday night!
Saturday was rainy and cold, so we shopped a little and headed back to Benton!

It was a wonderful trip! I had 100's of pictures that I didn't post and I'm sure I'll sprinkle them in here and there.
All in all I'd say our first as a family of 5 was a success.

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Beck said...

I love all your pictures! You have the cutest family and I love how "girly" all your girls are, LOL! I also have a daughter named Brynn, but we spell her name Brynne. Just thought I'd say hi!