Friday, April 8, 2011

Dad Daughter Date Night

Last night was the annual Father Daughter Banquet at church, but the name has been changed to Dad Daughter Date Night, and had a few changes made to the actual event. Brad said it was an awesome night and the changes were definitely for the better! Laci loves this night and Megan cannot wait to go (you have to be in kindergarten). Here are a few pictures before they left.

of course, Meg had to get in on the action!

And I couldn't be left out!! Holy cow, we may look a little alike! Do you think so?


Elizabeth said...

Your girls are absolutely beautiful! And I think Laci AND Megan look JUST like you! Happy Friday!

The Siegert Family said...

your girls are just gorgous.. and yes you and Laci look so much alike. Just beautiful!!