Sunday, March 13, 2011

Red Velvet and Laughter

Megan, Brynn and myself made my new favorite recipe the other day. Red Velvet Cupcakes...from scratch. Recipe from Paula Deen. They are fairly easy to make and the girls love doing things together.
I haven't been cooking as much lately because I am on a "diet." And, I don't like to cook and feel like I can't eat it so I have been working on some healthy dinners and things and it's worked out great! Lots of good recipes and ideas I have come up with that are healthy and Brad and the girls like as well!
Meg and Brynnie hanging with all the ingredients.
This is the base for the icing!!! THE ICING!! Not even what goes in the cupcakes themselves!
The Product!!

I have finally downloaded some of the videos from my phone.
Brynn has become quite vocal and we are loving getting to know her personality.

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