Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Naval Museum

One the day we arrived in Pensacola we knew out hotel wouldn't be ready that early so we went to the Naval Museum and had a great time! I had been there once before (thanks Vance family) so I was a little familiar!

Brad and Laci did a the simulator, so Megan (and Brynn) and myself went and sat in some of the planes. Megan was pretending she was riding a roller coaster.
very cool place...and big!
While we were in Gulfport waiting on our room to be ready the day before we got to see the Blue Angels practicing. It was amazing and very loud. They came so close to our hotel and the girls would scream! They were doing all kinds of formations and flips, it was incredible! So, it was neat when we got to the museum to see the blue angels up close and even sit in them.

I love the picture below. Megan was not at all sure about sitting in these things. She said they were dirty and broke! I told her that was kind of the idea. I love her face, especially when the side of the plane says, "Danger Ejection Seat."
It didn't take her long to warm up to pushing all of the buttons!
Laci in the Blue Angel
The girls flying a plane...haha

It was soooo much fun and the girls loved it!

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The Hudspeth's said...

i'm loving seeing all the vacation pictures! I can't even imagine how it was packing for 3 kids to go on a 10 day trip!ha! Looks like it was worth it :) you look great... hope ya'll are well, see ya soon