Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Planes and Dedication

Brad and Laci have been doing a lot together lately, so Brad and Megan had a special day Saturday. Brad got the opportunity (thanks to great friends) to fly to Fayetteville for the day and he took Megan with him!! It was her first plane ride and they had a blast!! She was nervous talking a mile a minute. Once she got in the air, however, she was wondering why the plane stopped moving because it was so smooth! It was a great day and she felt pretty special!

Also, this past Sunday was baby dedication. Baby Dedication had become quite the "show" at our church and a couple of year ago they decided to make some changes and make it more intimate, special and assure that the parents realized why and what the baby dedication meant. It was AWESOME! A few weeks ago we had a dinner with all the new parents that participated and talked about being Godly parents, Godly spouses and really making that commitment to "Train up our children" according to God's word. Then, Sunday afternoon, in front of a small group of family/friends and anyone that wanted to attend, we made that public statement and commitment of giving our children back to God. It was a very special time and I love the new way they do dedication! It really keeps, "the main thing, the main thing."

It was also nice that is was so "intimate" because just before Laurie stepped to the microphone to begin, Brynn decided to fill her diaper...twice. So, I looked at Laurie and said just a second, please!!!! We changed her diaper and then, got started!!!


Tadd and Elizabeth said...

Oh good, I'm glad you enjoyed Sunday. Anyone else I had talked to liked the other dedications better during the service. The dinner sounds good. Brynn is precious! Seth has no problem filling up diapers in public too. E

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

I wish our church did baby dedication like that--it was just a huge line of babies and a presentation of a bible. It was very sweet but I thought they have in no way really mentioned what this means other than a few words that the preacher said...and we were so far back in the line that we didn't really hear it. It was nice but I would prefer the more intimate setting with a dinner discussing the significance beforehand.

Anyway, when in the world did Brynn get big enough to sit in a bumbo and flash those huge adorable smiles??? She is precious (just like her sisters)!