Monday, March 28, 2011

Brynn - 4 months (at the beach)

Stats Update:
Brynn Bradley
Weight: 12 lbs (13%)
Length: 23.75 in. (25%)
Head 15.75 in. (19%)

The first time her little toes touched the sand!! I know this is not that big of a deal for us, it is! We love the beach!! And, hopefully, this will be the first of many times that little toes are in the sand!!!!

awwwwwwwwwwww! A great feeling!!!!! Digging your toes into the Destin sand!!!

While we were gone on our trip Brynn turned 4 months old. I was so excited to get to take her 4 month pictures on the beach!! I love it there!!!
She was a great traveler and didn't mind at all sleeping in her pack and play in the hotel. She would even sleep during the day when we would be in the hotel and the girls were playing. She is a true joy!
She continues to smile, laugh, and talk all the time! She rolls all over the place. From stomach to back and back to stomach. We have to watch her a lot more now because she can roll off the bed. But, for the most part she is content to lay and play with her toys (and watch Laci and Megan play).
Speaking of toys, she loves them. She grabs them and holds on. She loves to make the toys make noise. Also, everything goes to her mouth. She puts her toys in her mouth, her fist and has been taking her binkie in and out of her mouth. I have even caught her sucking her thumb. If you put your finger in her mouth she will gum it to death.
She loves her sisters, still laughing and smiling when they are around. She recognizes her bottle. When she hears us shaking it up she starts squirming. And, when she sees it, her mouth opens and she goes right for it! She also drools a ton!!! The top of her shirts stay wet!
For the most part, people still say she looks like Aunt Sarah and Megan. But, there are lots of people who say she doesn't look like her big sisters. Her hair is growing like crazy (staight up), and it still coming in dark!!! Eyes are definitely blue!
We go tomorrow for her 4 month check-up so we will get some stats then!

I look forward to the new adventures month 5 brings with my 3 girls!!!


Tadd and Elizabeth said...

Thats so fun! Seth spent his 4 month Birthday at the Beach too (spoiled Beach babies already-ha) Love the sand toes, ours didn't turn out. I'm sure the next time we take them to the Beach they will both try to eat the sand:) E

Jordan and Jade said...

She is absolutely beautiful. She may be the most beautiful baby in the whole world!!!!

I still say WES!!!!!!

harris1013 said...

She is precious!!!

samcoalter said...

Amber she is so precious! But...Allie Grace has her beat by almost 3 pounds and 4 inches!!! If they are really going to be B/F/F's...Allie might tower over her! :)