Sunday, May 31, 2009

Want Smores??

Night before last we had a little grill out. Mom, dad, Sarah and Ben came over and we ate. But, the highlight of the evening was the Smores experiment. I bought a little Chiminea (sp?) the other day so that we could do Smores and we tried it out. They turned out pretty good. The girls liked them and we only had one minor incident (read below).

Here they are sitting on our deck waiting on me to bring the marshmallow roasting tools!

Laci was in charge of the ingredients and I think she did a good job!!

Megan trying a Smore for the first time!

Laci's first bite...

Megan roasting her marshmallow...

...and showing it off!

Here is the minor incident. Laci backed into the chiminea and burnt the back of her leg. She hopped all over the porch screaming. But, we got a some cold water, and cold rag and some silvadene to make it all better.

It was a lot of fun and I am so glad it is officially summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

What A Day!!

Yesterday Laci and Megan got to spend some time with MiMi Pam and Papaw Bo. They went and played at Chuck E Cheese and ate at McDonalds. Then, they went and got their birthday present for the year. Papaw and MiMi knew what they wanted to get for the girl's, but they wanted to go ahead and get it for them so they could enjoy it this summer!!!! What is it?...

....a Trampoline!!!!!!!

I had to add these pictures. It seems that during every project, Brad has to run to his garage and get a tool or something. This usually means he leaves his partner/helper hanging! And, it happened again. Brad's dad was trying to move the boxes to the grass and Brad ran to the garage to grab something! I couldn't help but capture the moment!
He was waiting on Brad to help him move it....and Brad, ....

was in the garage looking for a tool to help build the trampoline!!!!

But, it got together and here is the finished product!!!!!
The girls love and well, so do I!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Binkies, Potty Training, and Manners

I have no pictures to post, just needed to vent!!!! I decided last week it was time for me to crack down on a few things for Megan. She was using her binky WAY to much. Laci had hers until she was a little over 3, but only at night. Megan was using hers a lot of the day, even when it wasn't bedtime. So, last week we went to bedtime only and it's been fine. She has asked for it a few times but then she will be quick to say, not bedtime or no binky til bedtime. Binky crackdown...check.

Her manners...Manners have always been very important to me. I still commend teens who say yes ma'm and no ma'm, even though it makes me feel old. I think it is very important and I want my kids to know that. So, Megan does pretty well, but I made it a point to remind her every time she forgets. Hopefully, it will stick. She even told our waitress gracias the other day. I don't care what language as long as she knows!!!! Manners crackdown.....check!

On to potty training...I must say I am so at a loss here!! Laci was potty trained before 2!! She loved and it and couldn't wait to potty. She went in every potty in Birmingham. Megan is 2 and 1/2 and not even close. She could care less. In beginning my crackdown I put several pairs of panties outside and on the days we have no where to go she wears panties throughout the day. One day, she even peed a little and then took the panties off and finished. I thought we were getting somewhere. So, yesterday we were back in panties. We were playing outside and she starting taking them off. I had a feeling this meant she needed to go so I told her to pee in the grass. She began crying and asking for her diaper on. I told her if she would pee in the grass, I would get her diaper. She went inside got me a diaper and told me to put it on her. By this point she was jumping around, crying, and holding herself. I knew she needed to go! She kept crying for me to put her diaper on. I even let her sit on the potty for a bit. nothing!!!!! Finally, she began crying pretty bad and I thought she is going to give herself a UTI, so I put a pull-up on her and within 2 minutes she had "gone." I put panties back on her until the cycle started again. However, the second time she decided to go inside and pee on the brick floor in the laundry room. I honestly do not thinks she gets it!!! She doesn't understand the urge! (although so many..."more experienced" mom's tell me otherwise) We tried the infamous M&M method and she told me, "throw them in the trash and get me my diaper." I know it will all click one day and I am not too worried about it!!! Just ready to put the diapers away for a bit! :) Potty Training Crackdown...not so check!!
(but, don't worry I am continuing to try, I understand consistency)

I just had to share!!! I know there are several mom's with kids around Meg's age trying to potty train and sometimes it's nice to know you are not alone!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Preschool Party and Playing Outside

Yesterday Laci had her final day of preschool and it was a party at Party Central, a.k.a. the jumping place. Megan got to go and enjoy the blow-ups. And, yes, I played also!! I cannot go to that place without playing. Megan is big enough now to just let her go and she can run around with the big kids and slide and jump. I even saw her tell the big kids "no" when they tried to help her on some of the blow-ups.

Laci knew I was taking her picture so she tried to pose as she slid.

After the party we came home and played outside! It was a beautiful day and we just enjoyed the sunshine!! Megan drove her car around the house about 25 times. She had her sunglasses on her head and her cell phone (my old razor that she washed in the sink for me) in the car. Every once in a while she would come around the house with the phone to her ear!!!! Kids are so observant!!! Laci even told me yesterday she could drive with her knee, too. oops!!!!

Laci is officially a bike rider. She has been riding around the neighborhood with her daddy. She can start and stop by herself. She can go up hills and down hills. It's awesome!!!

I took some pictures of some of my flowers. I wasn't going to download them, but for some reason I clicked on this one by accident!

Megan loves to play on the rocks behind our house! She throws sticks and rocks in the water.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Used to Playing Inside

We have had so much rain the past couple of weeks that the girls had to get used to playing inside. So, last week we had one day that started out beautiful. I was planning on taking advantage of the sun, but when I went to get the girls their play cloths on, this is where I found them.

They got new beach chairs and I think they were pretending they were at the beach. It shows you what we do when we go to the beach!! Sit and read!!!

They did not even realize it was sunny outside!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Sunny Day

I love the sunshine for so many reasons!! One of them being it wears the girls out! Yesterday we got outside and played for a bit and then came in to get ready for church. I put the girls in the tub and then they sat on the couch while I got ready. It wasn't 5 minutes and this is how I found Megan!

Also, last night Laci's choir class sang at church. She did a great job and I was so proud of her!!!! Here are some pictures before we left (and while Meg was still asleep)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Going Backwards!

Instead of taking the steps to get rid of Megan's bedtime necessities, we continue to add!! As of this weekend, for her to go to sleep she now recquires her drink, binky, blanket and now....Barker. Barker is the bear in the picture. She got Barker this weekend at Meme Kathy's. She yelled downstairs last night for her daddy to bring her Barker. I really didn't think she wanted that bad, but as soon as she got it, she went to sleep. I heard her this morning walking down the stairs and I could hear the thud behind her as she was taking steps. I couldn't believe she was dragging that bear down the stairs. But, when she walked into my room I couldn't resist how cute it looked!! I told her to smile and she didn't even remove the binky!
The really special part: Barker was Brad's when he was a baby. Brad remember's Barker, so maybe he wasn't a "baby." Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool and I hope I can keep it in good shape!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

State Champs!!!

We had soooo much fun this weekend watching the Benton Baseball team win it's first ever state championship at Baum Stadium. It was a great weekend although very busy!!!!!!

Laci thinking she is going to ride the bus with the team!!!

Both girls getting ready to ride in the "parade" out of town!

Getting their cheer gear!!!

Poms and Megaphones....for the 3 hour car-ride to Fayetteville....

Cheering on the team as they load the bus!!!

Megan looking for her daddy!!!!

Telling him that she wants to get on the field!

And, she got on the field!!!!

Laci cheering on the front row with the student section, which was huge I might add!!!! way to go BHS students!

Coach making a pitching change.
Congrats Benton Baseball Team!!! State Champs!