Thursday, May 21, 2009

Preschool Party and Playing Outside

Yesterday Laci had her final day of preschool and it was a party at Party Central, a.k.a. the jumping place. Megan got to go and enjoy the blow-ups. And, yes, I played also!! I cannot go to that place without playing. Megan is big enough now to just let her go and she can run around with the big kids and slide and jump. I even saw her tell the big kids "no" when they tried to help her on some of the blow-ups.

Laci knew I was taking her picture so she tried to pose as she slid.

After the party we came home and played outside! It was a beautiful day and we just enjoyed the sunshine!! Megan drove her car around the house about 25 times. She had her sunglasses on her head and her cell phone (my old razor that she washed in the sink for me) in the car. Every once in a while she would come around the house with the phone to her ear!!!! Kids are so observant!!! Laci even told me yesterday she could drive with her knee, too. oops!!!!

Laci is officially a bike rider. She has been riding around the neighborhood with her daddy. She can start and stop by herself. She can go up hills and down hills. It's awesome!!!

I took some pictures of some of my flowers. I wasn't going to download them, but for some reason I clicked on this one by accident!

Megan loves to play on the rocks behind our house! She throws sticks and rocks in the water.

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